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Sensitive Teeth Whitening in Naples

June 7, 2016

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teeth whiteningTeeth whitening is an excellent way to enhance your smile at a reasonable cost. But what can you do about the pain and tingling often associated with whitening, especially if you already have sensitive teeth? The discomfort is caused by chemicals in the whitening gel that irritate nerve endings in your tooth. Fortunately, there things that cosmetic dentist Dr. Davis can do to help alleviate the irritation.


Did You Know You Have a Cosmetic Dentist in Naples?

October 30, 2015

cosmetic dentist naplesCosmetic dentistry — If you think it sounds like something reserved only for celebrities or the wealthy, think again. Dr. Troup Davis and his team have been helping patients achieve their smile dreams through this branch of dentistry for years — and some of the transformations have been nothing short of life-changing. From whiter teeth to complete smile transformations, cosmetic services span the whole range of aesthetic improvements. Keep reading to learn more about what your cosmetic dentist in Naples can do for you and your smile — right in time for the holiday season!


Dental implants in Naples have many patient benefits

September 16, 2015

The dental implant stops bone resorption and strengthens the jaw

The finest tooth replacement option available for Naples area patients is the dental implant. Sturdy, life-like and long-lasting, the dental implant, placed by prosthodontist R. Troup Davis DDS, restores chewing, speech and youthful facial appearance.

What’s the best tooth replacement option? Currently, it’s the dental implant, a true artificial tooth from root to crown. Comprised of a titanium screw surgically-installed into an empty tooth socket, a post or abutment and a custom-fabricated porcelain crown, this prosthetic tooth has numerous advantages.

Naples restorative dentist, R. Troup Davis DDS, is your go-to dental service provider

August 24, 2015

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Full mouth reconstruction restores failing teeth and ailing gums to complete health and function.Whether your need is a simple tooth-colored filling or a more complex restorative such as a dental implant, R. Troup Davis DDS provides the highest quality restorative dental services in the Naples, FL area.

What makes R. Troup Davis DDS the best restorative dentist in the Naples, FL area? Any caring dentist would say his or her patients do! But, beyond that, Dr. R. Troup Davis has an extensive educational background and advanced training that allows him to expertly guide the patient’s oral health decisions.

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