Is a chipped, cracked, misaligned or otherwise imperfect tooth taking away from your smile confidence? If so, we’ve got an excellent solution. It’s one-appointment cosmetic bonding, and it’s a painless, effective way to repair slight to moderate damage in the front teeth. Does that sound like the solution for you? Keep reading to find out more about this wonderful treatment from your cosmetic dentist in Naples, R. Troup Davis, DDS.

A Tooth Restoration Option

You don’t have to live with damaged front teeth — but you don’t have to spend all your time and money getting them fixed, either. Cosmetic bonding and contouring is a quick, affordable solution that uses liquid composite resin to rebuild your tooth. The material is shaded and shaped to blend flawlessly with the rest of your natural teeth — so the only thing you (or anyone else) will notice after the treatment is complete is your stunning, fully restored smile.

How the Procedure Works

Once you and your trusted dentist in Naples decide that cosmetic bonding is just the solution for your teeth, the real magic can begin — and you’ll be amazed at how fast we reveal your perfect smile. First, we’ll apply the special resin to your damaged tooth and harden it with a special curing light. Then, Dr. Davis puts his artistic touch to your tooth — sculpting and shaping the resin until it matches the rest of your smile perfectly. After this step is complete, the results are in… and you walk out of our office with your new, improved smile!

Cosmetic Bonding Considerations

Cosmetic bonding and contouring is a wonderful alternative to porcelain veneers and other, more costly options in cosmetic dentistry. With proper care, including regular brushing, flossing and twice-annual visits to your Naples dentist, the composite resin can be expected to last from five to 10 years. And because the material doesn’t stain like natural tooth enamel, you’ll probably want to consider periodic teeth whitening treatments to keep your smile looking beautiful with their composite bonding and contouring.

Keep your cosmetic bonding intact by remembering the following:

  1. Never open packages with your teeth — always use scissors or another tool for safe opening.
  2. Avoid biting into hard or sticky foods, like apples and corn on the cob. Cut the items into smaller pieces, instead.

You can benefit from cosmetic bonding in Naples!

If you’re interested in experiencing the difference cosmetic bonding can make for your smile, please don’t hesitate to contact the office of R. Troup Davis DDS. We help our Naples neighbors reveal their best smiles every single day — so let us get started on yours right now!

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