The American Dental Association recommends that you and each member of your family have at least two dental checkups every year. But their recommendation is not the only reason why Naples dentist Dr. Davis and his team want to see you regularly. We truly believe that dental checkups go a long way toward helping prevent dental problems. When we see you on a scheduled basis, we are better able to monitor the condition of your teeth and gums. If there are any marked changes between one visit and the next, we can spot these more readily and treat before a small concern becomes a big—and possibly expensive—problem. So, to help your family have healthy and happy smiles, schedule dental checkups in Naples.

Dental Exams in Naples

When you come to see Dr. Davis for a dental checkup, your teeth will be cleaned and both your teeth and gums will be carefully examined. During the examination portion of your checkup, we are on the lookout for the early warning signs of tooth decay and gum disease. Found early, both of these conditions can be treated easily—a cavity can be repaired with a tooth-colored filling and the early stage of gum disease called gingivitis may be reversible with better oral hygiene care at home or a deep cleaning by one of the dental hygienists in our office. Dr. Davis will also examine your teeth to find any that may be cracked or that have old dental work (fillings or crowns) that needs to be replaced.

Naples dentist Dr. Davis recommends having digital x-rays at one checkup per year. Digital x-rays are convenient—the pictures show up immediately on the computer screen next to your exam chair—and they are safe, using much less radiation that standard x-rays.

Finally, a dental exam includes an oral cancer screening. When found early, this otherwise fatal disease is treatable and often curable.

Cleanings in Naples

Of course, no dental checkup in Naples would be complete without cleaning your teeth. We trust that you do a good job of brushing and flossing your teeth at home every day, but reaching every surface can be a challenge with your own hand. Our hygienists take the time to clean each tooth—inside, outside, top and sides—with a special rotating brush and hand instruments that clear away bits of calculus. Last but not least, your teeth are flossed to remove food debris and plaque.

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