Your teeth play such an important role in your everyday life. They are vital to your ability to chew and speak, and a beautiful smile can give you the confidence you need to face the world. That’s why having even one missing tooth can have such an impact on not just your mouth but your overall health and well being, too. Dr. R. Troupe Davis and his team know the importance of restoring your smile as naturally as possible. Therefore, we offer the most natural tooth replacement: dental implants.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is different from other tooth replacement options—such as a bridge or denture—in one significant way: a dental implant substitutes for not just the visible portion of a tooth but the part that no one sees below the gum line, as well. The root of your tooth may be invisible, but it is no less important than the crown of a tooth. That root firmly holds your tooth in place, so your smile remains steady and aligned. In addition, the root stimulates the surrounding bone tissue, essentially giving it a job to do so the bone does not atrophy, which can lead to a more aged appearance.

How is a Dental Implant Placed?

Once Dr. Davis determines that you are a qualified candidate for dental implants in Orlando, then he begins planning the proper positioning of your implants in order to optimally support the tooth restoration you need—a porcelain crown for a single missing tooth, a partial for several or even a full denture for patients who are missing an entire arch of teeth.

The implant process begins by making sure you’re comfortable; Dr. Davis is qualified to prescribe oral conscious sedation to help you relax if necessary. Then, after administering a local anesthetic, Dr. Davis carefully places the implant(s) in the bone beneath your missing tooth or teeth. The healing process typically requires three to six months. During this time, the implant that is made of biocompatible titanium fuses with the surrounding bone and gum tissue. This fusion is what creates a solid foundation for your tooth replacement, so you never have to worry about a denture that slips or a partial that clicks.

After you’ve healed, you’ll only need a few more appointments to complete the dental implant process. At the conclusion of your treatment, Dr. Davis permanently attaches a crown, partial or full denture to the implants. Your new dental implants are as natural looking and perform just as well as the rest of your teeth. And all you have to do to care for them is brush and floss as usual.

For more information about Orlando dental implants, contact the office of Dr. R. Troup Davis.

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