Preventive dentistry is the cornerstone of lifelong oral health. As a general dentist and prosthodontist, Dr. Davis has a unique appreciation for making sure teeth last a lifetime. Regular checkups and hygiene visits will help you retain optimal oral health. In our office, you can also find help for TMJ discomfort, teeth grinding, and cavity prevention with dental sealants and supplemental fluoride.

Dental Cleanings and Exams

According to the American Dental Association, every member of your family should have a dental checkup at least twice each year—Dr. Davis and his staff couldn’t agree more. Yes, these regularly scheduled visits are the time when we professionally clean and polish your teeth, helping you enjoy a healthier and whiter smile. However, equally important if not more so, is that these visits give us the opportunity to monitor for a number of oral health concerns. We’ll examine each one of your teeth, looking for signs of tooth decay or a crack that may threaten a tooth’s integrity. When necessary, we’ll take digital x-rays in order to spot cavities that may be hiding just below the surface of a tooth or on the surface in between two teeth.

Gum Disease Prevention with the Dentist Naples Trusts

In addition, we’ll also closely evaluate the health of your gums in an effort to prevent the advance of gum disease. The early stage of this bacterial infection is called gingivitis and the symptoms are red and swollen gums that may bleed when you brush. Sometimes, gingivitis can be halted with a deep cleaning and continued rigorous oral hygiene at home. Stopping gum disease in this early stage is critical to preventing periodontitis, the more advanced stage. Periodontitis is marked by bad breath, enlarged gum pockets that may or may not be filled with pus, shifting or loose teeth and ultimately tooth loss. In fact, periodontitis is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults in America. Furthermore, gum disease is linked to several systemic health concerns including stroke, heart disease, osteoporosis and respiratory illnesses. With professional hygiene visits to your Naples dentist, we can help prevent gum disease.

Oral Cancer Screening

At dental checkups, we screen for the early signs of oral cancer with VizLite®, a high tech method of identifying and evaluating abnormal oral cell lesions that may be precancerous or cancerous. Found early, oral cancer is a highly treatable and curable disease. The screening is simple, painless and well worth the lifesaving information that can be provided.

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