Dr. R. Troup Davis, DDS is committed to bringing a lifetime of smiles to Naples through restorative procedures. Dr. Davis offers dental crowns in Naples to restore the function of teeth while enhancing their appearance. Dental crowns are versatile, allowing them to be used to correct a number of issues, such as extensive tooth decay and broken teeth. Offering a wide variety of options, including porcelain and metal, you’ll have the exact tooth restoration you need from your trusted Naples dentist.

Dental Crowns in Naples

When you suffer from certain oral health issues, such as chipped or broken teeth or teeth that have lost their function from decay, you often experience lower self-esteem due to the appearance of your smile. Not to mention, your quality of life can decrease as you lose normal tooth function, often causing discomfort, pain, and a decreased ability to chew properly. With the use of dental crowns, we can easily fix the issues hurting your confidence and quality of life.

Custom dental crowns not only resolve the cosmetic and health concerns impacting a tooth, but will preserve the tooth, adding to its strength and function. The crown will help protect the tooth from further damage, while allowing you to maintain proper alignment of your jaw. By correcting the tooth, you’ll stop the progression of damage, not only preserving the tooth, but surrounding teeth and structures.

Dental crowns are custom-made to ensure an ideal fit and bite. Using an array of materials, we’re able to discreetly fix the tooth so it seamlessly blends in with your existing teeth. While we do offer metal crowns, we also offer a number of porcelain crowns, which can be customized to match your existing enamel color. As a result, you’ll have a strong tooth while enhancing the beauty of your smile.

Dental crowns are an affordable option to repair damaged teeth and restore the appearance of your smile. Using safe and durable materials, you’ll quickly have the function of your tooth restored for a long-lasting smile.

Dental Crowns from Your Naples Dentist

Crowns can be used in a number of ways and for a number of procedures. While you often think of crowns being used for root canals and to fix broken or chipped teeth, crowns can also be used for other restorative procedures. In fact, dental crowns are commonly used for bridges, dentures, implant restoration, and even full-mouth reconstruction. No matter your need, we will create the custom crown you need to smile with confidence.

As a leading restorative dentist in Naples, Dr. Davis offers the experience and expertise you need to benefit from dental crowns. In addition to his extensive knowledge, he uses the latest advancements in restorative dentistry to simplify the process while enhancing your comfort—even for those with dental fears. Using sedation dentistry and the best dentistry technology, Dr. Davis will create your new smile while keeping you as comfortable as possible.

If you’re in need of dental crowns in Naples, choose a caring dentist you can trust. Call Dr. Davis today to schedule an appointment.

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